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Welcome to my Aurora review. I’m here inside of the front end members area and also the pro version members area and during this review, I’m gonna give you a full demo of exactly what Aurora is and what it does now in a nutshell.

First of all, I know what it’s like when you just start off trying to make money online. There’s a lot of things that you need to get your head around. There’s a steep learning curve, and you probably won’t start making any kind of significant money for a couple of months.

Aurora is a game-changing software that automates a $1,000 commissions, 24/7 income stream without expenses.

I’m gonna jump into the member’s area now, and show you what this is all about. This is the front-end member’s area, and you can see the pro member’s area is a little bit different. The pro upgrade has some additional tutorials here, and it also allows you to use the additional software, which uses Instagram.

I’ll start off with the front-end members area. You have a video about getting everything ready. You can access the basic Aurora software from here, too. It works in two parts. You have the traffic, and then you have these static webinar pages. The pre-made webinar is what you will be sending traffic to. The webinar will be what is promoting the high-ticket item, and you will uploading it to a website that you will post the link to.

In the basic edition, you will be posting the webinar link to the social media site Pinterest. In the pro version, you will learn how to utilize Instagram in addition to Pinterest. In the basic edition, you are limited to the number of accounts that you can use, but in the pro edition, you can use a lot more.


Now, on to the bonuses. I am including these bonuses if you decide to purchase from me.

  1. The Fuego Multiplier
  2. The Fuego Breakout
  3. Instagram Marketing Made Simple
  4. Urgency Suites Pro
  5. The Secret Weapon
  6. The Lost Code
  7. AdWords Retargeting
  8. The Incognito Method


Aurora is an amazing product that will drive automated sales to your high-ticket offers. I recommend that you start using this right away!




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